Peace House Project
Living reinvented

Peace House Project

The peace house project is a concept to create and provide a tiny house with aspiration for a space of peace and modern, sustainable living.

Peace House Project

About the project

Peace House?

The project, which is in an early stage, is designed by Emell Gök Che, in cooperation with LivingCon, a manufacturer of smart modular timber buildings. The peace house is not just a house designed for one to live in, but is also the development of a conceptual framework of peace. How can we design a new way of living that doesn’t confine to space, instead focusing on peace, community, sustainability, and functionality?

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Studio Artemell

Studio Artemell is an award-winning design studio, which was established in 2008 as a freelance design studio created by Emell Gök Che who is a professional interior designer and artist with extensive television experience on several German interior design shows.

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We love to combine contemporary design with individual designs and design classics to create innovative spaces.

Emell Gök Che, Chief Designer


LivingCon provides individual and flexible solutions for living/work space in the private, commercial and communal realms, whether as a mini-house, home, vacation home, office space, or as public housing complexes

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Tiny houses are enjoying ever-greater popularity. Through its concept, LivingCon offers full-fledged living solutions in a small space.

Luc Schäfer, Master Carpenter LivingCon


Our world and the environment are changing rapidly. INTEWO is responding to the growing challenges, providing impetus and innovative solutions in the area of sustainable development.

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Sustainability is the new normal. For a better future.

Henning Schwarze, CEO INTEWO
team member

A conceptual framework of peace

The world in which we now live is overwhelming. In contemporary society, people are focused on so much and at the same time so little. The world is vast and yet fits in our pocket. Therefore, the central question in this project is what do we really need in our lives to live peacefully? Those questions are explored through reflection and are tied to our inner peace. We find a house and turn it into a home based on who we share our lives with and the materials we fill a space with. However, why not build a space around us that inspire us to think about peace? The peace house is not just a house designed for one to live but is also the development of a conceptual framework of peace. How can we design a new way of living that doesn’t confine to space, rather focused on peace, community, sustainability, and functionality? A personal temple of peace.


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Germaniastr. 8
33189 Schlangen

+49 5252 973180

Opening Hours
Mo-Fri: 9am – 5pm
Sa: 9am – 1pm
So: closed

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