LivingCon is an innovative building concept – environmentally friendly, flexible and affordable.

The Helmut Schäfer Holztechnik GmbH & Co. KG has developed a building concept with the brand name LivingCon that serves societal needs as well as current trends in living and work spaces. LivingCon provides individual and flexible solutions for living/work space in the private, commercial and communal realms, whether as a mini-house, home, vacation home, office space, or as public housing complexes, individual or in association.

Wood frame construction utilizes a building material that has regenerative potential, affords short construction times and provides great freedom of design. It allows for individuality as well as healthful living with exceptional energy efficiency. Building the modular way offers a high degree of flexibility and the potential to expand without sacrificing quality along the way. Moreover, the buildings are mobile and can be transported easily to another location and can be assembled there again without great effort. This mobility minimizes location requirements and makes efficient further- and later usage possible.

LivingCon modules are finished to high-quality requirements and are available at fixed, turn-key ready pricing, completely equipped and available individually planned. From personally designed, barrier free configuration all the way to innovative, smart-home elements – LivingCon lets you realize all your desires quickly and economically.

LivingCon has developed several modular building types, which can be used in different scenarios – whether as a functional mini- or tiny house, as an office space, as a holiday home, in social housing construction or as an extension for existing property.