Studio Artemell

Studio Artemell was established in 2008 as a freelance design studio created by Emell Gök Che who is a professional interior designer and artist with extensive television experience on several German interior design shows. The studio’s design philosophy is to create interiors that are sustainable, practical, beautiful, but most of all emanate inspiration and peace to think beyond what the walls can offer. The studio is conceived with the aspiration of designing spaces that are independent and unique, formed with the daily lives of people in mind. Emell works directly with clients to go through all the stages of a project and being a freelancer gives her the opportunity to have such a relationship with the client. Because her designs are so connected to how people live their daily lives, how her clients feel inside the spaces is a very important aspect of her work. Therefore, the structure of Studio Artemell lies within the designs that Emell envisions and her support staff, such as the graphic designer Corinna Lucasewicz and her assistant, Angela Gutierrez.